Hard Landscaping Services

Patios and pathways

A new patio or pathway can completely transform a garden. Whether you are looking for sandstone, limestone, slate, brick, concrete, stone, gravel etc, you can be confident that we will have something that will meet your requirements. No matter how big or small.


Just by installing a new fence can transform a tired looking garden. Whether it’s been damaged, weather beaten, required for security or for privacy purposes.

Front or rear gardens, we can provide you with these services using top quality materials.

Raised Beds

Raised beds are a great addition to the garden, they are great for growing vegetables, fruit or herbs and for a wide range of other plants.  Soil is raised above the surrounding ground level which is an excellent way to improve drainage.
They are easier to manage as they help to reduce the need to bend.  Raised beds are not only practical, but they also make an attractive feature in your garden.

Garden Walls & BBQ Areas

Whether you are looking for a decorative wall or a retaining wall, we are able to assist.  We can offer a wide range of materials.
Creating BBQ areas you can enjoy, helping you relax and make the most of your garden, they also make a great feature in the garden.